Welcome to Fit 4 Fall Health Challenge.  This challenge is designed for individuals who want to get healthy, be that losing those extra pounds or gaining lean muscle mass to get that tight body.

This challenge is fueled by Herbalife.  To compete you are committing to at least one Herbalife Meal Replacement Shake per day. Herbalife has been around for 35+ years and its the company we look to for all of our nutritional needs.

You have a MINIMUM of 6 Weeks to transform yourself for this challenge.  (The earlier you register the longer you have to produce results, up to 8 weeks.) You can register anytime September 10-24, 2017 and your final results must recorded by Monday, November 6, 2017. (Coaches must have all registration numbers in by Monday,  September 25th at noon and the final numbers submitted by noon on Wednesday, November 8th, no exceptions.)  The winners will be announced at a FREE PAYOUT EVENT at Greenville Health Zone in Greenville, SC on Monday night November 20th at 6:45pm. You must be present to win.

If you would like to try a shake for free and/or enter this challenge please contact your Herbalife Health Coach or email Info@greenvillehealthzone.com.


$20 to Enter (100% of entry fees go to Payout)


• Percentage of Weight Loss Female 1st Place

• Percentage of Weight Loss Female 2nd Place

• Percentage of Weight Loss Male 1st Place

• Percentage of Weight Loss Male 2nd Place

• Overall Transformation 1st Place

• Overall Transformation 2nd Place

• The Defining Point