Welcome to The Summer Slimdown.  This challenge is designed for individuals who want to get healthy, be that losing those extra pounds or gaining lean muscle mass to get that tight body.

This challenge is fueled by Herbalife.  To compete you are committing to at least one Herbalife Meal Replacement Shake per day. Herbalife has been around for 35+ years and its the company we look to for all of our nutritional needs.

You have a MINIMUM of 8 Weeks to transform yourself for this challenge.  (The earlier you register the longer you have to produce results, up to 11 weeks.) You can register anytime March 10-31, 2017 and your final results must recorded by Friday, May 26, 2017. (Coaches must have all final numbers submitted by noon on Saturday May 27th, no exceptions.)  The winners will be announced at a FREE POOLSIDE PAYOUT EVENT at the Maness House in Greenville, SC on Tuesday night May 30th at 6:30pm. You must be present to win.  (Everyone is invited for festivities from 5:00pm-8:00pm, the PAYOUT portion will take place at 6:30pm.)

If you would like to try a shake for free and/or enter this challenge please contact your Herbalife Health Coach or email


$20 to Enter (100% of entry fees go to Payout)


• Percentage of Weight Loss Female 1st Place

• Percentage of Weight Loss Female 2nd Place

• Percentage of Weight Loss Male 1st Place

• Percentage of Weight Loss Male 2nd Place

• Overall Transformation 1st Place

• Overall Transformation 2nd Place


We will be giving away great Herbalife Swag and Gift Certificates. To win this SWAG you can collect raffle tickets throughout the challenge and we will do a drawing at the PAYOUT EVENT.  The Bonus Win is open to all PAYOUT EVENT attendees. How do you collect raffle tickets?

• 1 Ticket for every NEWBIE brought into Greenville Health Zone (GHZ) or Quantum X Nutrition

to try a Herbalife Shake for the FIRST TIME

• 1 Ticket for every 3 Pounds Lost, 2% Body Fat Lost or 2% of Muscle Increase (Challenge Participants Only)

• 1 Ticket for every shake purchased at GHZ or Quantum X Nutrition

• 1 Ticket for becoming an Herbalife Preferred Member or Distributor

• 1 Ticket for a single order of 250+ Volume Points or $150+ Retail Order

The initial weigh-in period for this challenge has ended as of 11:45pm on March 31, 2017.


The FINAL weigh-in period for this challenge has ended as of 11:45pm on May 26, 2017.