If you think fitness can't be fun, then you haven't tried Studio SI. You're guaranteed to get a GREAT workout and make a few workout buddies. They offer a great selection of classes and times to accommodate your schedule.
Tammy Carpenter
"I just want to say thanks! I know how important form is in a workout, and your team of instructors always keep an eye on us to not only make sure we are doing the moves right, but to encourage us to push ourselves even harder! I love Studio SI!!"
Rhonda S.
"I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have the SI stress relief that is now so essential to my physical and mental well-being. The SI crew is professional, caring, and above all, fun! Thank you all for being such a wonderful part of my life."
Alissa R.
"Dawn you guys are the best! I’ve worked out at tons of gyms and facilities and Studio SI is the BEST!!! I’ve met great friends and each workout is so much fun I forget that I’m exercising! Thanks to you Kari and everyone else for keeping us inspired and motivated!"
Kellie C.
"Today I am thankful for Studio SI, I have always enjoyed working out but little did I know how much fun I was going to have when I stepped into my first Zumba class with Kari Garzon! Zumba brought a different perspective to enjoying workouts, it actually has me looking forward to every class. Thank YOU KARI and Studio SI instructors for all the JOY and laughter you bring into my life through ZUMBA!"
Danielle B.
"I am thankful for Zumba classes! Kari Garzon and her crew at Studio SI sure know how to whip someone’s booty back into shape after a weekend of overindulgence! Seriously, in addition to being the best workout ever, these classes have brought a piece of enjoyment back into my life that I missed out on for years. I enjoy every minute (even when I’m dripping sweat and begging for it to stop! LOL!) Thank you, Studio SI!"
Aubrie H.
"Studio SI CHANGED my life!! I AM a work in progress of course and I am FOREVER grateful!! You are all a REAL blessing to me!! XOXO."
Teresa T.
"Definitely the place to be! Feels like a family reunion instead of a workout…provided your family consists of drill instructors that will wear you out. Haha! Studio SI rocks!!"
Heather S.